*  STEAM Team will meet on the Thursday schedule for this Session, however, please note that they will meet on Monday, May 1, and NOT Thursday, May 4.  Thank you for your attention to this schedule adjustment. 


** Cheer Performance will be open to family and friends of the participants, and will take place in the Cafeteria on Wednesday May 24, after other Enrichment courses are Dismissed.     


Arts Alive practices for Grades 2 and 3 begin Monday March 20, and Thursday, March 23, and continue Mondays or Thursdays through the June performance.  Enrichment course offerings have been scheduled with this in mind.  However, please note that Arts Alive is separate from this Program.


Session 2 Waivers

New waivers are required for Session 2.  These must be completed PRIOR to enrollment.  Waivers are due on or before Monday, March 27.  You may access and complete the Session 2 Waiver at this link: https://pdf.ac/1cTu3f.   A hard copy is also attached to the packet that you will receive in backpack express.   If you prefer, you may complete that hard copy and return it via backpack express.  You need only complete one Session 2 Waiver for all of your children.  Please review the document carefully. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at coordinatorPHSenrichment@gmail.com


 →   Cost – Please see individual price per Class.  

E-mail Mrs. Smith, smithco@barringtonschools.org for scholarship opportunities.   Please Note:  all Scholarship requests must be made by March 24, 2023.  

Registration:  Tuesday, March 28th,  8:00 PM**



Per vast majority vote via  in-meeting survey 3/1/2023, registration will once again be conducted on a first come, first served model.   There will not be a limit placed on the number of classes in which one family may enroll.   Waitlists will be available directly on the website. If you are unable to select a waitlist, please email the PHS Enrichment Coordinator. 


Important Notes for ALL Programs:  



In order for your child to participate in the Afterschool Enrichment Program Session 2, you must complete an Afterschool Enrichment Session 2 Waiver (“Waiver”) PRIOR TO enrollment.  Even if your child(ren) participated in Session 1 of Enrichment, you must complete a Waiver for Session 2.  You may complete one Waiver for all of your participating children.  Please review the instructions and terms of the Waiver carefully.  We are happy to answer any questions.  Your Waiver will not be considered complete unless all boxes are checked.  Waivers may be returned via backpack express or completed online using PDF Filler (link provided at the top of this page).  The link to the document was sent out via school wide email 3/20/2023.  Waivers are DUE on or before Monday, March 27, 2023.   You must complete your Session 2 Waiver PRIOR to Enrollment.   If you do not complete a Waiver, your funds will be returned (minus approx. 3% credit card fee) and your child’s place in the class(es) will be immediately forfeited.  Please do not attempt to enroll if you do not agree to the terms of the Waiver.  There are a larger selection of courses this Session, however, if you are unable to secure a class to your child’s liking, please be assured that your Waiver has no effect – it is applicable only to Session 2 of 2023 Afterschool Enrichment at PHS– and it will be shredded/deleted once enrollment for this Session is complete. Completion of the Waiver does not guarantee placement in a particular course.  You must still register during the enrollment period, and pay for the class(es) selected.   


Pick Ups:

All children must be picked up promptly at 3:45pm.  The approved pick-up person will be asked to show identification and sign out.  Only a person listed on your Enrollment Form (which you will fill out when you register for a course online) may pick-up from Enrichment.   This list is separate from your regular school pick-up list, and while you may certainly authorize the same people, please be aware that the lists will not be cross-referenced.   Pick-up instructions for your child’s specific activity will be provided prior to the start date.  Please note that the Waiver required for participation allows dismissal by non-PHS instructors and personnel. 


Refunds / Cancellations:

Refunds are not offered for the After School Enrichment Program. Please make sure your child has the interest and availability to attend the program prior to registering. Partial refunds will not be offered for students who drop out of the program or due to weather related cancellations. Due to tight schedules and availability of teachers, make-up classes may not be offered. .   



All children are to exhibit the same behavior as expected during the school day.   

Primrose Pandas are Respectful, Responsible and Safe.


Course Options



PlayWell LEGO Adventures:  

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGOparts!  Build engineer-designed projects and use special pieces to create your own unique designs! Projects are rotated seasonally, to ensure that both new and returning students can explore endless creative possibilities.  


Class Limit:    15      Grades:       K-3      Instructor:       Mr. Schultz         Cost:  $ 100



Would you like to learn about robots?  In this enrichment class we will meet Code & Go Robot Mouse and Artie the Coding and Drawing Robot, and we will spend time with Hexbug, the tiny robotic insect.   We will work on designing and building a “habitat” for Hexbug, and discovering what a simple bot can do.  Once we know more about robotic operation, we will program or code with fun activities.  Come be a Robotics Engineer!


Class Limit:    10      Grades:       K-1    Instructor:        Ms. Hines         Cost:  $ 100


Textile Arts:   

Learn to crochet, weave and sew in this creative fiber and textile arts class!  Students will learn how to use tools and materials, and will be encouraged to experiment with their new skills as they learn.  The emphasis is on process, not product!  Students will also be introduced to  materials that will assist them to continue developing their skills at home.  All materials are included in the course price.    


Class Limit:      8      Grades:       2-3       Instructor:       Ms. Densley       Cost:  $ 100


Martial Arts:   

Whether you’re brand new to martial arts, or already hold a blackbelt at another dojo, you are sure to have fun with this program!   By teaching the basics of martial arts, Mastery Martial Arts Instructors aim to empower children and introduce them to knowledge and confidence that can last a lifetime.  Emphasis is on physical fitness, mindset and confidence, respect of self and others, and of course, having fun!  

Note:  if you enrolled in this class before, you are welcome to join again!  It will still be introductory to accommodate varying skill levels, but the focus points will be new and different. 

(This course will be held outdoors.  Cancellations will occur only if the weather presents a safety risk).  


Class Limit:      25      Grades:       K-3        Instructor:       Mastery Martial Arts      Cost:  $ 80



Are you ready to get your hands dirty?  In this course, you will learn about the basics of planting and maintaining a garden.  We will do some learning in the classroom, and a good bit of digging, planting, and weeding on the school grounds!   


Class Limit:      15      Grades:      K-3        Instructors:       Mr. Penengo and Ms. Scungio         Cost:  $ 80




Hone your skills on the court with coaches from the largest and longest-running AAU boys’ program in Rhode Island:  Rhode Island Magic!   This program offers a fun atmosphere in which teammates build camaraderie and develop their basketball skills in a challenging and encouraging environment.   Rhode Island Magic have adapted their program for this Session to accommodate our Second and Third Graders of all skill levels, and is open to all genders.    

(This course will be held outdoors.  Cancellations will occur only if the weather presents a safety risk or creates a situation in which the blacktop is not usable).  


Class Limit:      16      Grades:       2-3        Instructor:       Rhode Island Magic         Cost:  $ 80


Spanish 1:

Join Spanish Playhouse for an engaging and dynamic experience of language immersion through the Arts!   This fun and creative course will best suit those brand new to learning Spanish.  


Class Limit:      16      Grades:       K-3        Instructor:       Spanish Playhouse        Cost:  $ 80


Spanish 2:

Speaking and understanding another language is a super power;  let’s power-up together!  Ms. Bravo makes learning Spanish fun with songs, games and conversational immersion.  This course is best for friends who completed Spanish Session 1, or those who have some exposure to the language from another class or source.   


Class Limit:      16      Grades:       K-3        Instructor:       Ms. Bravo         Cost:  $ 80


Pre-K Fun:

Why let the big kids have all the fun?   Our amazing Ms. Bloom and Mrs. Wessner will be offering a second Session of preschool / Pre-K enrichment!  Take a break while your 3-5 year old enjoys crafts, plays outside, and engages in fun learning games.  If you enrolled last Session, you are welcome to enroll again.  Some activities will be familiar, and we will add some new ones to tie in with our increasingly nicer Spring weather!


Limit:      10         Grades:       Pre-K (age 3-5)       Instructor:       Ms. Wessner & Ms. Bloom        Cost: $ 100


If you love to create 3-D works of Art, and want to learn more about sculpture, this is the class for you!  Learn from a renowned local artist, in a class designed to inspire creativity and ingenuity.  Students will explore several mediums and techniques, and will construct a final project to take home.   


Class Limit:      10      Grades:      2-3        Instructor:       Ms. Susan Freda         Cost:  $ 100

Chess & Strategic Gaming:

Develop problem-solving skills, build focus, and improve cognitive sequencing, just by playing games!   In this class, students will learn the proper rules of the ancient game of Chess, and will get to explore other strategic games; including some that will get them moving as well as thinking!  


Class Limit:      14      Grades:      1-3       Instructors:       Ms. Johnston & Ms. Turner          Cost:  $ 80


Cheerleading: (Wednesdays & Fridays - see schedule above)

C-H-E-E-R with us!   This small group session is perfect for those new to cheer, as well as experienced cheerleaders looking for a little extra time to practice with friends.  Taught by a seasoned Pop Warner Coach who has led many Barrington squads to competition victory, this special program will give those curious about the sport of  cheerleading a safe, supportive, and fun opportunity to give it a try.  The program will wrap up with a short demonstration for our grown-ups!  

(Note:  Wednesday practices will be primarily outdoors, and are subject to weather restrictions). 


Class Limit:      12      Grades:      K-3       Instructor:       Ms. Sietins         Cost:  $ 150


POW! Science - Science Club:

You know that awesome, sometimes messy, “wow-that-just-happened” kind of science experiment that your grown-ups wish you wouldn’t do on the kitchen counter Wednesday afternoon?  We love those, too!  That’s why we’ve invited POW! Science to bring those kinds of experiments to school.  POW! Science instructors come ready to walk you through hands-on experiments in a variety of fields including Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Life Sciences.   All you need is a curious mind.  Join the POW! Science Club.  


Class Limit:      25      Grades:      2-3         Instructor:       POW! Science        Cost:  $ 80


POW! Science - Science Club, Jr.:

Just like POW! Science Club, but with experiments and learning points specifically designed for Grades K and 1. 


Class Limit:      25      Grades:      K-1        Instructor:       POW! Science           Cost:  $ 80


Paper Arts:

This special course is a double-feature!  Students will begin each class drawing under the instruction of a skilled local artist and published illustrator - (see her work at laurelaylesworth.com).  Taking guidance from the text “How to Draw Adorable” by Carlianne Tipsey, students will learn techniques to improve their skill, and enjoy a supportive environment to explore their creative process.   Students will spend the second half of class studying Origami with an instructor who has life-long practice in this ancient and beautiful paper-folding artform.  Students with a genuine interest in art will find this class most rewarding.   


Class Limit:      12      Grades:      2-3       Instructors:       Ms. Aylesworth & Ms. Lee       Cost:  $80


Vocal Lessons:

Mrs. O’Brien has been teaching private piano and voice lessons for over fifteen years from her home studio.  Her group teaching model in after school programs allows students to not only learn the proper mechanics of singing, but also builds confidence by singing in front of their peers.  Group lessons also encourage cohesiveness and support for each other.  *NOTE:  this Class has a minimum of 10 students to run – if you’re excited about this one, encourage your friends to join you! 


Class Limit:      10 - 15      Grades:      1-3       Instructor:        Mrs. O’Brien       Cost:  $ 125




Gizmos & Gadgets:

Have you ever wanted to build and fire a catapult? Or create art using a Scribblebot? If so, then it’s time you came to Gizmos & Gadgets! Using simple tools and a variety of parts, you’ll assemble fun working models to use in class, then take home to share. And you may learn some science and woodworking skills along the way! Class emphasis is on working safely and having a great time.  

Note:   This will be a similar class as offered in Session 1;  if you enjoyed Gizmos & Gadgets last Session, you’re welcome to sign-up again, but be please ready to rebuild a few of the same projects.  


Class Limit:      12      Grades:       1-3        Instructor:       Professor Gizmo          Cost:  $ 125


Dive into Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities with hands-on experiments, problem solving, collaboration, art and designing-and-making opportunities!  Each week, students will participate in a STEAM based project focused on a specific topic.  Students will create unique products they can take home, as well as conduct experiments during the program.  Join the STEAM Team!  

Note:  This will be essentially the same class as offered in Session 1.  If you enjoyed the STEAM Team last Session, you’re welcome to join again, but please be ready to revisit some of the same problems and projects. 


Class Limit:      10      Grades:      2-3      Instructor:       Ms. Canto          Cost:  $ 100



Do you already know how to breathe?  Great!  Then you have all the skills you need for this class, and most of life, too!  In this course we will learn helpful  breathing skills and tricks using images and analogies that make sense to our youngest breathers.   And of course, we’ll be practicing yoga!   Each class will have a fun and accessible theme to guide our movement and keep us focused.   You never know which favorite movie or storybook characters will be part of our afternoon!  Students will be provided their own yoga mat, which they may keep at the end of the Session to continue practicing their new skills at home.   


Class Limit:      8      Grades:      K-1         Instructor:       Ms. McKenna         Cost:  $ 80


Link will go live on Tuesday, March 28th at 8pm